The Way and the World

Act 2 – Song of the Stars.


This changes. Check in for edits to the existing and new chapters.

Stories told are in order.

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  • The main characters of Act 2 – Andrew, Abhaya, Rowan, Laurel, Elizabeth, the blind woman, rottweilers and dragons are set. Their names may change but not who they are or what they represent.
  • The outline, back stories, technology, cosmology, sociology, what are the points of all this?? – those notes are done, not posted.
  • There are gaps in the timeline. I’m still writing. We’re missing Andrew and Laurel’s youth, Andrew’s First Communion, Michael’s Disciple, Andrew and Laurel’s reunion, the Crafting of Luthien, an Apostle’s Cycle. More… Abhaya and Jedediah’s stories. The Son from Wandering Prophets…  Jedediah comes from Act 1.
  • ‘You are Known to Me and,” Mother I had a Dream” are actually in Act 3.
  • What voice should be used to tell this tale? Which times should be told? What can be implied? Who will the supporting cast be? That’s being worked out right here.
  • I figure if I don’t post the sketches somewhere, I’ll never get to the rest.


If you’ve read all this, we’re in good shape.
I’d like to hear your thoughts