Mother, I had a dream

Tell me Child

“Mother, I had a dream.”

“Tell me, child.”

“I dreamt I was a wolf,

And I danced in the stars.”

Laurel takes her daughter into her arms,

“My sweet Rowan,

Your father and I,

Met in love,

Surrounded in bliss,

Offered the heavens,

All that we are.

We were given,

A blessing, you.

Your body within mine,

I heard the next verse in Song,

I could see you in the twinkle,

In reflections, your Shine.”

Child of the Village

Of Course We Do

A son asks a father in the afternoon light,

“Why is Luke a Child of the Village?”

“A Nor’Easter.”, the father states. “The Waters took Luke parents. “

“Oh… ..Why is he a Child of the Village?”

“Because his parents are gone.

You have to understand, lad.

The Children that ya grow up with..

Well, one day, it hits ya.

Luke there, is a son I never had.”

“Luke is my brother?”

“Yes, in a sense. I am not his father, your mother is not his, yet you will grow up with all the children on the Isles.

The Apostle Andrew and Matthew. They were Children.

Fishers-men, both. The Waters and the boats.

Welcome everywhere the Children are. “

“Who pays for their food?”

“All of us care for them.”

“Who makes their clothes?”

“The village does.”

“Do you pay?”

“Of course we do.”

“Where does Luke sleep?”

“Usually,” points, “with the Ellis’.”

“Why doesn’t he sleep with us?”

“Ha! You see! He can!”

“I’m going to go ask him.”

Hold, Child

My head explodes.

All I can see is a foot before me.

“Rattan!” a woman commands.

Frothing, black and copper jumps over me.

The foot goes away.

A crystal pendant.

I’m in her arms.

We’re running.

She holds so close.

She’s pulling my hair.

There is screaming.

It is hot.

People are burning.

The dog is running.

“Hold, child.”

My eyes fix to the crystal.

She tightens around me.

“Water Receive Us!”

And she lept.

I knew no more until the boat.

Water Receive Me

Pulse and Spin

On her back, moonlight Shines upon her. Her strong body will recover.

The river floats them, up and down, together and apart.

Holding her, Andrew closes his eyes and slips into communion.

“Water Receive Me,

Without beginning or end,

I flow.”

Andrew’s consciousness slowly merges into Water, aware, Washing, healing, Being around their bodies. Fish swim through him and they are known. All that Water touches is known.

The Rowan looks down from Sky. Two jewels rise and fall, shimmering in the grasses.

On the Isles, the Elder watch through Bel’Luna. An Elder speaks, ‘A Shadow is Come.’

Laurel speaks to Rowe, “Let your Voice be Heard.”

The Rowan Sings, the jewels pulse  and spin with the Voice.

A musical howl stirs through the council. A declaration.

The Elder exclaim, “Call to us, oh Rowan! We come! We come to you!”

Bristling, Laurel stands. Her left hand finding her bone knife, she cuts her sash. Her eyes lock with the Eldest.

Laurel is with child. The Elder are now aware.

Turning and leaving the council, she sheathes her knife.

“I come. I come to you.”

You Will Return To Me

I am afraid

“Andrew, you were received a long time ago. Andrew…   …Andrew. We have to know. She came to you.”

“I am afraid. My duty is here.”

“Your duty…” Laurel stands, “You’re afraid”, Laurel turns, wipes tears from her eyes, turns back to Andrew, “We’re all afraid! With all you can do and have been through, you’re afraid.” Laurel gathers herself, walks to Andrew, gently pressing her belly against his.

All of us came to the Isles, Andrew. All of us will leave them. You will make your crossing. You will find her. You will help her, Andrew. Now is not the time for wonder. You will help her and you will return to me.  Do you hear? You will help her. And you will return to me.”

“Aye, Laurel. Aye”, kissing her.

Andrew gathers his pack and straps it to him.

Laurel reaches for Luthien, attaching the Night-tooth to the handle which she has wrapped in fresh grasses.

She looks up, offering Luthien to him with two hands, “Andrew. Don’t hold back.”

Song of the Stars


Under Bel’Luna,
On the shore.
secrets long known.

Grasses beneath,
air about them,
Warmth and Waters joined,
They were One.

Crowned in silver,
lotus bloom beneath,
their path clear.

Exhale lips touch,
eyes alight,
backs writhe,
pulse with Breath.

Bel’Luna met them,
through them,

So it was a nose,
first touched the Sky.
white and silver,
who, Shimmer and Shine.

A dance of the moon,
a song of the stars,
the Rowan, born.

And She of I

Andrew Prepares to Cross

Andrew emerges from his communion in Water, laughing.

“How, did she find me?”

Stepping on the rocks, Andrew reaches for his robe, turns and takes three breaths next to the water. The sun has not yet touched the Chapel dome, it was still chilly.

“Surely she cannot follow Air through Water?”

Andrew climbs the rocks to the worn path through the grasses and sees Michael emerging from the Chapel. Andrew realizes the time has come. Laurel had seen after all. He will have to leave the Isles.

Michael smiles to Andrew, who moves down the path.

Andrew calls to Michael, “I see her in the Waves. I dream of her. Her taste, I know. This, Priestess of the Wind! Her eyes. She feels me. She found me. Just now, while in communion.”

“While underwater?”

Andrew nodding, “Yes. There isn’t a current of Air that reaches underwater. How did she do it?”

“You feel her more often do you?”

“Michael, more of my consciousness runs to the East.”

“Andrew, why are you here? What does Laurel see?”

“Laurel… I am here to speak with you Michael. I do not wish to leave the Isles. Especially not now. I look for guidance, as always.”

Michael incredulous, “Guidance!! You have had guidance, Andrew.” Michael sits on a stone bench, facing Andrew. “What did it feel like?”

“Going into communion, I felt her across my diaphragm. She touched me.”

“Touched you?”

“She has green eyes.”

“She is known to you??”

“No. Although I may be to her.”

“You have love for her. How do you love his girl?”

“I do not know. Do you think she is a Priestess? I had not yet conceived of intimacy for one so far, un-met. Do you think it is possible? That someone has been passed an Initiation of Air? “

“Priestess??  Adept, certainly. Young to be so strong. So small. Maybe that is the Way of Air.

It was through you, Andrew, that I first saw her. I cannot see through the moon as you do, yet I crossed the Long Isles, as you said, followed the Water into the Valley. She was not there. You had been there. Thus, I saw her through you. Through you watching, in her reflections.”

She is mostly ephemeral to me as I would expect Air could be. Your currents are still the quickest path to her with the most information. You are connected.”

“Bel’Luna and our Mistress our so linked in this world, I cannot separate them. The great, deep currents of these earths. Brother, tell me what is of your mind.”

“Andrew, when I pass, what will you do? Will you live in the Chapel? Will you and Laurel be keepers of this Abbey?”

“I see Disciples of Water coming. They will need the training and guidance of a full Apostle. This, is who I am.”

“We have our Mistress.”

“Aye, we do.”

Michael smiles, “Experience counts for much, Andrew. You have done well. For yourself, for our Order and, for the Isles. The teachings and lessons have reawakened our people to Water again. The Way of the Cycle will be repeated for generations. One of my great joys will be to live in retirement, fishing, seeing you in my role, as Master to the new Disciples. There are many practitioners now, I wonder if you will be washed away in them!”

“I am sure you will enjoy it! Andrew looks to the water, “They are practitioners, as you say. Fledgling. Fertile ground, I am creating. No one has come to Chapel with the Question.”

“They ponder, now. Some are quite adept.”

“You believe I should go to the Priestess. What do you see of her?”

“You believe you should go to the Priestess, if that is what she is. I agree. I feel your pull to her as well.

Michael sighs, embracing Andrew.

“Andrew, when the Elder brought you to me, I was not expecting you. I did not see you coming; I did not look for you. I did not seek a Disciple. When I saw the Question was with you, there was such a relief. A great weight was lifted off of me, one I didn’t realize I was bearing. At first look, you Washed me. I knew the Order was saved and healed to my great and lasting joy and that has saved me.

Michael enters and returns from his chambers with a large staff in three pieces.

“This, is Ea’or. It has been of mind. If you would receive it, Ea’or will not fail you. Its core is iron, with spear and club, the shaft from a heart of a walnut. He is shod in a Southern creation called steel. Your course may run towards the South where Ea’or was fashioned. You may trust in it to guide you. “

“This did not come from the Order. Its purpose is clear.”

Michael smiles, “Do not disregard it so lightly.”

Andrews hefts Ea’or, “Lightly?”

“Luthien, truly is a marvel. Through you, the Elder have brought us skills lost of us from the Old Order. You are right to be teaching them openly in the Isles.

Ea’or is put together differently.

Do you know where she is in the Valley?”

Andrew begins to assemble Ea’Or, fixing the spear and club ends to the handle, “I do not. On the ridges, ethereal. I see her best through Bel’Luna, crossing the Shine and the Shadows. When she touches Water that I gaze into, I see her more clearly.”

“When you touch her Water, she will be known to you fully.”

“I do not doubt the connection that we share. There is Purpose.”

“And she of you, once she feels your Air.”

“Aye. And she of I.

Andrew reaches into Ea’or for the first time, touches the iron and snaps back. His hands begin to sweat, heavy and slick, black electric runs through his marrow, he is shaken. Slowly, Andrew becomes re-aware of his breath, opens his eyes. Currents still flowing within, he looks to Michael,

“Thank you for this, Michael. Ea’or. The Waters Everflow.”

Michael watches closely, “In Deed. Go forth, Andrew, Apostle of Water. Trust in your home here on Peel. When you return, the keys of the Abbey will stay with you.”